About South Aston United Reformed Church Lunch Club

As the name suggests The Lunch Club, which meets at 12.30pm every Wednesday at South Aston United Reformed Church, is a club where people of over 50 years of age can meet together and have a cooked meal.

The club was established as part of the Church’s mission to serve the elderly in the district of South Aston. The club has gone from strength to strength and currently caters for many people each Wednesday.

It goes without saying that the club is, like most organisations of its type, very reliant on those people who volunteer to undertake various activities in making the club run smoothly.

These volunteers are supervised by our full time ‘Work with the Elderly’ employee, Mr. Dave Kendrick. Dave also organises many other activities for this age group, including the Monday Outabout Club and the Local History Group. He can be contacted on 0121 327 6364.

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