Manna House PantryManna House Pantry

Set up by Bethel Church Blackheath Manna House Pantry provides members with the opportunity to reduce their food shopping bills. For just £4 each visit, members can fill shopping bags with fresh produce and cupboard-filling favourites.

How does it work?

Pantries go beyond the food bank model, creating a sustainable and long-term solution to food poverty. Members pay a small weekly fee, typically £3.50, for which they can choose at least ten items of food each week, along with additional opportunities of volunteering and training.

Tanya King, Social Inclusion Manager at Stockport Homes, said:

“Food poverty is a reality as incomes stagnate with little prospect of increasing. The Pantry model is an effective way to make sure that people’s budgets go further. The benefits of Pantries are numerous: they provide breathing space for struggling families; they offer fresh food to households that would otherwise be limited to cheap, less healthy food; and they tackle social isolation.

“Pantry members we spoke to said the Pantries had allowed them to have enough money to pay for essential bills, or to save for Christmas or to visit family”.

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