Karis Neighbour SchemeAbout Karis Neighbour Scheme

Many people have been influenced by the life and teaching of Jesus, such as the story of the ‘Good Samaritan’, which is an illustration of the life-changing effect of grace in unconditional compassion and action. The concept of grace (Greek: Karis) demonstrated by a good neighbour, is the basis of Karis Neighbour Scheme.

Karis Neighbour Scheme (KNS) has its origins in an awareness that the lack of wellbeing which brings people to seek help through healthcare in General Practice has multiple causes. Many of these can be addressed by a traditional primary healthcare team, but others cannot. These may fall into the realms of the emotional, social and spiritual and for these needs to be addressed, a broader range of resources are required.

KNS also has its origins in an awareness that within any community there are untapped resources which could be harnessed to meet unmet need.

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