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Feedo Needo is a project of UKCAB established in 2006.
Charity Registration No: 1153197

Our motivation is derived from the fact that more than a quarter of a million people are homeless in England (BBC). The figures show homelessness hotspots outside London, with high rates in Birmingham, Brighton and Luton.

To continue with our organisational mission of reaching out to those needing help the most; and practicing “charity begins at home”, we started a food distribution drive in Birmingham.

Although the government says that it is investing £500m in homelessness we still come across quite a large number of people needing their food supplies on daily basis. Although the projects UKCAB runs, coordinate in improving the community development pace by offering free education which will enable people to gain skills and avoid homelessness by getting jobs or starting their own businesses, we witness people who are in dire need of basic necessities to survive.

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