About Birmingham Resilience

Birmingham Resilience Team (BRT) is a corporate service established to enable Council-wide compliance with the Civil Contingencies Act 2004. BRT works within the Council’s governance framework and contributes to the strategic outcome “Stay Safe in a Clean Green City”. BRT works closely in partnership with other agencies.

BRT aim to ensure Birmingham is a resilient city where responding partners work together effectively and our communities and businesses are both informed and able to access information and assistance before, during and after emergencies.

BRT has responsibility for:

  • planning and responding to different types of emergencies and business disruptions, including natural events, major accidents and malicious attacks;
  • warning and informing communication systems and processes for the public and businesses to increase pre emergency preparedness, communication during emergencies and post emergency to support recovery;
  • provision of specialist advice and support to colleagues to enable council wide compliance with statutory resilience duties.

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