Bethany Food Bank ErdingtonAbout Bethany Food Bank Erdington

At the Bethany Emergency Food Bank customers are able to visit twice a month as long as they bring a voucher. The food bank stocks frozen and fresh vegetables, as well as tinned food, and once a month (if they have them) toiletries.

How does it work?

As its name implies the food bank is for emergency access. Referrals are made via Social Services, Police, Prison Services, Local Refuges, Churches and similar agencies. An authorised voucher is issued by the referee which in turn is checked by the front desk of the foodbank. A series of questions are then asked so that the appropriate food parcel can be made up.

Bethany Emergency Food Bank realise how hard it is for customers visiting for the first time, and ensure that they are treated with respect and made to feel at ease as soon as possible by offering a warm drink, a bite to eat and a chat if they want to talk to somebody.

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