On-Line Security (Green)Covering Your Tracks

You can take the following steps to help prevent any one knowing you have visited this website.

The safest way for you to view this website would be at a library, a friend’s house or at work. You should also be careful if other people have access to your email account.

Quick guide to deleting browser cookies  :  Quick guide to deleting browser history

Remember, you may not want people to know that you have been visiting the Find FoodBanks Brum website.

When you use the internet on any device, you leave a ‘history’ trail of pages and websites that you visit.

It’s impossible to completely avoid your online history, but if you’re worried about someone knowing what you have been looking at, there are some things you can do to help cover your tracks.

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Delete your browsing history

While you can delete the history of web pages you have visited, remember also that if you delete your history, someone else using the same device may notice.

If you share a tablet, mobile phone, laptop or computer with someone, they may notice that passwords or web addresses etc, have disappeared from the device history.

The safest way to view this website would be at a library, a friend’s house or at work.

Find out how to delete your browsing history from the most commonly used internet browsers in the options below:

Search Toolbars

If you use a search toolbar in your web browser, also remember that your searches can also be saved as part of this history.

See details about how to delete your searched items from the following search engines in the options below:

Privacy Software

There are many different programs (software) which can ‘cover your tracks’. Most of these have to be bought, some produce free versions with fewer features. Most similar products can be downloaded directly from the manufacturer or bought online from shops such as amazon.co.uk. Most high street software shops will also sell privacy software of some kind.

FREE software such as CCleanerI.E. Privacy Keeper or SecretMaker are available. For more examples, try using your favourite search engine such as google.co.uk to search for free privacy software.

Examples of commercial track-covering software are: SecureAnywhere, Cyberscrub, or Quick Crypto. Although you have to pay for programs like these they mostly offer good customer support and more features.

* Macintosh users may find that (instead of pulling down the ‘tools’ menu and going to ‘Options’) they must pull down to the ‘Internet Explorer’ or ‘Firefox’ or ‘Netscape’ menu and select the Preferences option.

(Use of any online ‘cleaning service’ or software packages is at your own risk – we recommend them but cannot guarantee they will work or be responsible if they cause a problem on your computer.)

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