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Important: Your services or products must be available to people living in Birmingham and the West Midlands to qualify for FREE listing entries. If this criteria is not met, the charges set out below will apply.

Divider Bar - Gray2 (transp)Our fee for listings above 5 (or where the above criteria is not met) is £34.50 per quarter for each listing, and is payable in advance by Direct Debit via GoCardless, or automated installments via PayPal.

We offer a 6% discounted annual rate fee for these listings @ £124.20 per year (normally £138.00 if paid on a quarterly basis).

  • All Direct Debit payments are received and managed on our behalf through our associate partner First Stop Web design.
  • All automated installments via PayPal are received and managed on our behalf through Naphtali & Associates, founders and proprietors of Find FoodBanks Brum.

All payments covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee or PayPal Buyer Protection

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Note: All submitted items are quality-control checked before publication on this website. We reserve the absolute right not to publish items that have no relation to the purpose of this website, without notification or communication.

Last Updated : 2 July 2021
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