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Green Wallet began life as Envision, an eCommerce payments gateway. But an experience in his own life prompted Envision founder, Bashir Khairy, to reimagine the platform as a new way for conscious customers and merchants to come together.

Green Wallet is the combination of passion and experience that puts sustainable shopping at the fingertips of every customer. Now we can all vote, with our wallets, for the future we want to see. Read more on Bashir’s blog about Green Wallet story and why conscious spending and shopping can change the world.

“We’re a tech platform connecting customers with sustainable businesses. We are committed to making a positive impact on the environment. We are ground zero for building a community of conscious shoppers.

“We’re not claiming we are 100% ethical and sustainable, but we want to be. We’re on that journey. We live by our principles of responsibility, integrity and transparency.

We’re simply a team of technology enthusiasts who want to use cutting edge tools for a greater good and a greener future.”

Visit the Green Wallet website here >

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