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An avalanche of evidence is showing the human cost of surging prices and the falling value of pay, benefits and pensions. It reflects millions of people facing cold, hunger, fear, illness—and possibly death. “By next winter, hundreds of ­thousands of prepayment ­customers will be unable to afford to access energy for extended periods of time,” predicts Matthew Copeland, head of policy at National Energy Action, a fuel poverty charity.

“People are going to die from this if they can’t heat their homes to ­adequate temperatures.” He says people are already ­turning off gas and electricity because they are terrified of high bills. “We often see older people with bus passes going on a journey and coming back simply because being on a bus is warmer than being at home,” Copeland said.

The must-buy item this season is not some fashion item but Aldi supermarket’s electrically-heated jacket. It’s designed so that people don’t have to heat their homes but can instead wear clothing that warms them up. About four in ten British ­households are finding it difficult to pay for gas and electricity and a similar ­proportion are buying less food.

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source: Socialist Worker
first published: 2 May 2022

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