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This time last year, Sarah (not her real name) was a regular donor to the food bank drop-off point outside her local Sainsbury’s. But in March 2021 she had to stop. Despite working full-time and being on universal credit, the mother of two has for the past few months had to rely on food banks. “I have gone from being an average working-class citizen to somebody who’s in poverty,” said the 44-year-old Londoner.

She is one of a growing number of former donors who, food aid workers report, are now turning to food banks themselves as the soaring cost of living expands the demographic of people struggling to afford food.

“It’s so distressing to see the numbers of people coming who have never been in this position before,” said Sabine Goodwin of Independent Food Aid Network. “We’re seeing people who hadn’t even had to contemplate using a food bank, who might have been donating to a food bank this time last year. And it’s happening in every part of the country.”

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source: Guardian (Society)
first published: 6 February 2022

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