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A food bank said it is running low on donations as demand is rising due to the pandemic and people’s financial worries. Worcester food bank said it gave food parcels to 987 people in September, a rise of 46% on the same month in 2020.

Goff O’Dowd, from the charity, said they were running short on 40 items including pasta and tinned fruit. He said some people were desperate for help with not enough money to pay their energy bills.

The charity estimates they need 50 tonnes of food to get through until Christmas and are currently receiving about eight tonnes a month. One woman, who did not want to give her name, said she had come for donations to the Worcester Food Bank for her son who felt embarrassed at needing help from a food bank.

“With being unemployed and not well enough to work he does depend. He is just one of those which would rather not eat than face the embarrassment of getting help from the food bank,” she said.

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source: BBC News
published: 8 October 2021

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