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Slow cooker brand, Crockpot® have partnered with FareShare to provide the equivalent of 200,000 meals to help feed people across the UK.

The generous offer is part of their wider campaign to use food to bring people together as, according to their research, food is at the heart of so many of our relationships. Their study found over half of Brits get together with family and friends over a meal.

Lindsay Boswell, FareShare CEO said: “Good food is clearly something which brings people together, whether it’s a big celebration or simply spending time with one another. We know that, in the wake of the pandemic, many more people will be turning to local charities this winter.

The food we provide doesn’t just alleviate hunger, eating meals together helps to people to form new friendships and tackles the problem of loneliness and isolation.”

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source: FareShare News
published: 8 November 2020

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