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Since February 2017, IFAN’s Sabine Goodwin has been working to identify independent food banks providing food parcels outside of the Trussell Trust network. Results from this research, reported in The Guardian and other national newspapers, revealed that there were at least 651 independent food banks operating across Britain in May 2017.

With work continuing a further 295 more food banks have been identified, bringing the total number of independents to at least 946. This equates to over 43% of the combined total of independent and Trussell Trust food banks with the Trussell Trust network currently extending to 1,250.

The definition of a food bank or food bank style project for the purposes of this research is a venue which regularly gives out emergency food parcels at least once a week. The list is routinely updated.

The list does not include food banks operated by schools or universities which do not usually operate weekly although work is in progress to also map this category of venues. This list also does not include food parcel distribution activities operated by the national charity The Salvation Army or hospitals.

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source: Independent Food Aid Network
published: 2020

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