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There are just 53 sleeps until Christmas and, with England in lockdown, many of us want to turn our minds to festive cheer. But unfortunately, we just don’t know what Christmas will look like this year – or if family gatherings will be allowed.

Boris Johnson today said he wanted people to have “as normal a Christmas as possible.” And he said he’s “sure” that will happen if people in England follow the month-long national lockdown rules. But one thing’s for sure – Christmas will not be normal this year.

Some kind of Covid restrictions will be in place, and Cabinet ministers fear we could even still be stuck in a full lockdown. So what is the current speculation around rules for Christmas in England – and which way is the wind blowing? We’ve looked at the situation as it is for now.

Back in July, Boris Johnson said his plan could return the nation to “significant normality” by December 25. But this has not happened. Whatever happens, Christmas will be different for most people to how it was last year.

There will not be a mass coronavirus vaccine, and every part of the UK is likely to have some kind of lockdown restrictions in place. The question is how close to normal we can be. And that depends on what rules are in place by December 25.

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source: The Mirror
published: 2 November 2020

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