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Food bank manager, Chris Hardy, works with more than 30 volunteers to provide support to people in crisis in Sheffield. He tells Maryam Qaiser why cuts and austerity have left people unable to feed themselves.

When people think of food banks, they assume it is mainly homeless people who use them, but that is just a myth. We see parents and families who work but can’t afford to put food on the table and people with serious debt issues.

We hear the same horrendous stories time and time again, such as people not eating for four days. This is just a normal story these days. Some parents can’t afford to eat, so they feed their children first and they eat their leftover scraps.

Myself and the volunteers offer a food and clothing bank and support with debt and benefits. People who visit us at S6 Food Bank will come and have a chat with our volunteers over biscuits and tea.

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source: The Mirror
published: 30 August 2019

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