Since February 2017, the Independent Food Aid Network’s Sabine Goodwin has been working to identify independent food banks providing food parcels outside of the Trussell Trust network. Results from this research, reported in The Guardian and other national newspapers, revealed that there were at least 651 independent food banks operating across Britain in May 2017.

With work continuing, Sabine has by now identified over 150 more food banks, bringing the total number of independents to at least 803. This equates to 39.4% of the combined total of independent and Trussell Trust food banks with the Trussell Trust network currently extending to 1,235. There is a total of at least 2,038 food banks across the UK.

Find out more about the extent of UK emergency food parcel distribution outside of the Trussell Trust foodbank network here.

With at least 803 independent food banks operating across the UK, the independent sector represents nearly 40% of the food bank picture.

As part of the End Hunger UK coalition IFAN has been campaigning for UK-wide measurement of food insecurity and the news that the DWP has included food insecurity questions within the Family Resources Survey is very welcome indeed. You can read more here.

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source: Independent Food Aid Network
first published: 2018

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