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Thousands of desperate parents are being forced to use “baby banks” to feed and clothe their children. Even working mums and dads, struggling to make ends meet in austerity Britain, are turning to the charities which operate the same way as food banks.

Latest figures show so far this year more than 35,000 families have accepted handouts of basics handed in by the public – from cots and buggies to nappies, wipes and bottles.

They include mum-of-two Bianca, 37, who said: “For me as a working mum it’s dehumanising to have to survive off the kindness of strangers. “I’m a full-time employee working my backside off as well as a mother. I feel embarrassed to have to seek support like this.”

The scandal of the growing numbers of families turning to baby banks is highlighted in a TV investigation. Users include women fleeing domestic violence, families affected by the Universal Credit fiasco, single parents and homeless people.

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source: The Mirror
published: 27 October 2018

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