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When I received an email from FoodCycle about this specific fundraiser, I was certainly hesitant. In the press just the week before had been the story of YouTube streamer Alfie Deynes who took a ‘living on a £1’ for a day level to new heights of offensiveness by using his Range Rover to drive around, seeing his personal trainer and loading his video with adverts in order to make money.

The internet thankfully kicked his bum, as his appropriation of the issue of poverty was grossly upsetting. I was worried that my portrayal of this fundraiser would get similar criticism, but I’m not making a mint out of it. I just hope that I can contribute to FoodCycle’s holiday hunger campaign.

What makes my story different is that I’m not a celebrity, but a Councillor in Portsmouth. I represent a ward that is the most impoverished in the city which is densely packed with lots of social housing. During the election campaign, the biggest topics on the doorstep were poverty, especially for those with disabilities and failing PIP assessments.

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source: FoodCycle News
published: 19 July 2018

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