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Refugees are ending up homeless within days of being granted asylum, claims a new report. Research by No Accommodation Network (NACCOM) suggests that more than one in four homeless people using night shelters are refugees.

They arrive as early as one week after being evicted from asylum accommodations, according to the Independent.

The findings showed a direct link between a Home Office policy of giving newly recognised refugees only 28 days ‘move-on’ period to vacate asylum accommodation and the high prevalence of homelessness among refugees in the UK.

Hazel Williams, NACCOM’s national director, said: ‘This report shows the shocking reality that people who come here in search of safety and are indeed granted that protection from the UK government are then forced into destitution.

‘The work of our members to prevent this from happening is commendable but should not be necessary.’

The NAACOM report has recommended that the move-on period is extended to 56 days to give newly recognised refugees longer to find a place to stay before they are evicted.

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source: Metro News
published: 9 June 2018

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