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Do you often feel that money disappears from your account? Leaving you wondering where and how you spent that money or would you like to save an extra £100 per month for something special?

Often we spend our money on things that seem trivial, but when added up it amounts to a substantial monthly cost. For instance, buying a cup of coffee or tea at the station every week day, may not seem expensive when it is only £3. However, on a monthly bases this will accumulate to a total of £60. Taking a thermos could save you a lot of money.

Different reasons or motivations why people could use this free budget planner?

  • It is a user friendly budget planner, making it accessible for all levels of IT literacy.
  • There is no need to share private or sensitive information with a third party, unlike other budget planners.
  • The budget planner in Excel is user-friendly and the formulas within the planner are protected, all calculations are done automatically.

A user guide is published on the Voucher Alarm website, which explains in detail how to use the budget planner, including a short video.

In the Facebook group related to the budget planner, people can post questions and new tips or ideas.

The budget planner and a short how to video are available using the following link:

published: 13 December 2017

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