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Charity shops are closing at a faster rate than pubs, new research has shown.

A study of the high street by the accountancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Local Data Company, the results of which are published today, found that 271 charity shops closed down in the UK in 2017 and 202 opened – a net loss of 69 premises.

The study found that 212 pubs shut their doors in 2017 and 146 new ones were opened – a net loss of 66. Travel agents shrank at the fastest rate in 2017, the study showed, with a net loss of 326 premises across the UK.

Stores selling beauty products had the highest growth, along with cafés and tearooms, with a net increase of 30 shops in both areas.

Kien Tan, director of retail strategy at PwC, said the figures were not necessarily bad news for charities. “Because there’s more churn across the high street as a whole, with banks and travel agents and so forth closing, that gives opportunities in different kinds of space,” he said.

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source: Third Sector
published: 11 April 2018

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