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Witnessing children in the UK visiting a food bank is truly shocking, but research tells us it is not uncommon. In the last six months The Trussell Trust has given out over half a million food parcels, more than 200,000 of which were given to children, many of school age.

But there are also many more food banks, often run informally by religious organisations and community groups. I identified three times more independent food banks than Trussell Trust services in my ongoing research in the North West of England, revealing the true scale of the crisis.

I have witnessed food banks become the last line of support for many families, and it is likely that much of the food insecurity in the UK is hidden.

An estimated four million children live below the official poverty line in the UK even though a majority live in households where at least one adult is in employment.

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source: The Independent
published: 11 December 2017

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