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Two young Birmingham brothers are being fed EVERY DAY by their school because of crippling poverty, as well a being handed PE kits, school uniforms and shoes.

The primary age boys also have no toys or books and no carpets at home, their clothes are stored in bin bags and they do not get breakfast before heading to school.

The siblings have also never been on holiday or spent days away from their housing estate. The shocking case came after we revealed how some Birmingham pupils were caught filling their pockets with food while at school, to avoid going hungry at home.

The brothers’ story is included in a dossier compiled by head teachers in Erdington and Kingstanding as they lobby the Government to stop threatened cuts of up to £302 per pupil, per year, to their budgets.

Across Birmingham schools could lose £50 million per year by 2020 under the new ‘fairer funding’ formula which will redistribute money to other parts of the country.

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source: Birmingham Mail
published: 15 November 2017

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