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On Wednesday, I shared a job listing I’d seen in a local newspaper on Facebook. It was for a teaching assistant’s job in one of our large Cornish academy schools – and it says a lot about poverty wages in Britain.

For a 27.92 hour working week, the advertised pay was from £9.030 per annum. Considering this is term time only, and taking holiday pay into account, my calculations make this £7.44 per hour – £7.50 at a push, if a 38-week academic year is used and holiday pay calculated pro rata.

At the time of writing, my post has been seen by over 30,000 people. 350 have reacted to or commented on it. People are obviously concerned about poverty wages in Cornwall. So am I.

Teaching assistants have huge responsibilities. They require areas of Special Educational Needs expertise, they have NVQs or even degrees, they cover classes and deliver lessons, and they often teach groups of children.

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source: Left Foot Forward
published: 18 August 2017