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Have you ever used a food bank? Perhaps not. They exist for people in dire situations, those who are struggling to feed their families after falling on hard times. But sometimes the difference between being comfortable and in need can be slim.

Say, for instance, you lost your job tomorrow. You’d probably have enough savings to tide you over for groceries and rent and bills for a few weeks, though, right?

But what if those few weeks stretched to six weeks, or to three months, while you waited for your benefits to kick in?

What if the wait coincided with the school holidays, and you had children that needed to be fed three times a day?

What if you had creditors breathing down your neck?

Universal credit, which is being rolled out across the UK to replace other benefits, is theoretically a useful system for people who are out of work or on low income. It’s long overdue, too – much of the problem with the welfare system has been a lack of joined-up thinking across different sets of benefits.

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source: iNews
published: 20 August 2017

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