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Theresa May has been condemned for refusing to accept the government’s public sector pay freeze could be responsible for reports that nurses are having to use food banks.

The prime minister was repeatedly challenged this morning [30 Apr 2017] by the BBC’s Andrew Marr over Royal College of Nursing figures that show some nurses have had a 14% pay cut since 2010 and are having to resort to using food banks in order to eat.

“That is not the kind of country you want to run is it?” he asked. “We have nurses going to food banks, that must be wrong?”

However May insisted there were “many complex reasons why people go to food banks” and that she wanted “a country that works for everyone not just the privileged few”.

“I want to develop an economy where, yes, we have a strong economy so that we can pay for the public services people need but also we have an economy where we’re creating secure jobs and well-paid jobs and higher-paid jobs for people,” she said.

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source: The HuffPost
published: 30 April 2017

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