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Supermarkets should sell “wonky veg” as part of their main fruit and vegetable lines to help cut food waste, MPs have urged.

Knobbly carrots and parsnips do not taste or cook any differently from other vegetables and should be saved from supermarket reject bins, Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee chairman Neil Parish said.

Both supermarkets and the Government need to do more to tackle the UK’s food waste problem, which sees £10bn worth of food thrown away by households each year, according to a report from the parliamentary committee.

The Government should set an “ambitious” national reduction target to cut the food waste that costs the average person £200 a year, the MPs said.

Raising awareness of food waste from a young age should be a priority and the Government should examine how lessons on food and avoiding waste can be incorporated into the curriculum, they said.

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source: The Independent
published: 29 April 2017

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