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Homelessness looks and feels different when you’re a young person. Trying to find somewhere to stay when friends expect you to be at home with your family can be embarrassing as well as frightening.

Trying to revise for GCSEs or A-levels as well as planning which night buses to sleep on can disrupt the route to further education and work.

Picking up the pieces from a family breakdown during the already turbulent transition from child to adult can push young people to breaking point.

At least 150,000 young people approach their council each year for help with housing (pdf). One third are turned away without meaningful support, and only 26,000 are seen as being officially or statutory homeless.

And these figures reveal only those who get as far as the council. The true extent of the problem may be much worse. Our research suggests that as many as 17% of young people have had to sleep somewhere unsafe for at least one night.

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source: The Guardian
published: 16 February 2017

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