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A new action plan to rid Britain of poverty needs a ‘long-term deal’ between government, business and the public, says a think-tank.

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) wants the government to tackle the “poverty premium” which sees people on low incomes pay more for goods and services such as fuel and credit which can add 10% to household budgets.

The “Brexit children” starting school this autumn could come to adulthood in a transformed country if poverty is tackled.

The JRF highlighted the human toll of poverty from ‘cradle to grave’ with children born into poverty behind richer youngsters in cognitive development by the age of three, a gap that widens by the time they are five.

Among working age adults, four out of five low-paid workers fail to escape low pay completely after 10 years.

After retirement, someone born in a deprived neighbourhood will die an average of nine years earlier than a child born in a wealthier area.

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source: The Mirror
published: 6 September 2016

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