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A Sheffield couple have built a thriving company, creating apps for the business world. Now they are using their skills to help families in need.

Dave and Miriam Cates developed an app to help their local food bank. And it has proved so successful that the programme is now being rolled out nationwide.

The couple set up award-winning Redemption Media in 2007. Since then they have created apps for a wide range of clients, from SMEs to multi-nationals.

Their apps have been profiled as ‘hot’ buys by Apple, reached number three in China’s download charts and topped the chart across ten global regions.

But their proudest achievement is developing the app to help their local S6 Food Bank.

Since it was launched just over a year ago, it has resulted in an increase in food donations and also a better matching of what is needed and what is given.

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source: Sheffield Telegraph
published: 13 March 2014

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