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FindFoodBanksBrum does not share your personal information with third parties in part or whole (except email addresses where consented in member only or comments facilities as stated below). Such information is stored on a password protected computer in read-only files and is not held on paper documents. Where we are required to hold paper documents our customers will be notified accordingly.

Email addresses are hidden in any group emails sent out by FindFoodBanksBrum or the website manager, however they may be visible in any forum or comments submitted unless you opt to hide your personal information in any such facilities that we provide.

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Use of our online services (which include any member facilities, URL link submission facilities and our news blog article comments, where activated), are strictly governed by our code of conduct. Users should not post listings/comments that have no relation to the subject matter of this website.

The posting of comments that may be offensive to people on the grounds of ethnicity, disability, sex, religion or culture is not permitted.

Users should avoid uploading images (where such facility is provided) which are likely to cause offence. Where users share views we would ask that exchanges on topical issues are not hostile – disagree agreeably!

We reserve the right to refuse comments of any users in breach of this code of conduct.

Exemption Disclaimer

Exemption & Disclaimer

FindFoodBanksBrum has taken all reasonable measures to ensure that the contents of this website are accurate. It should nonetheless be noted that visitors who use this website and rely on any information contained within it, do so at their own risk. Not all content or advertisements within the site will necessarily represent the views of FindFoodBanksBrum unless stated, and we cannot always guarantee that the information accessible through this website is accurate, complete or up-to-date.

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We endeavour to ensure that this website does not knowingly infringe copyright law or abuse the intellectual or protected materials of third parties. A common legal defence to infringement is allowed under certain circumstances. (Find out more information on the ‘Fair Use Law’).


We have taken all steps within our means to ensure that this website broadly complies with W3C standards and with The Equality Act ensuring that people with disabilities will be able to use the site and have the same access to its content and resources as any other visitors. This is an area of ongoing development that FindFoodBanksBrum will be committed to indefinitely.