Volunteers from a Walsall-based charity which helps feed those struggling for meals every week, say they’re seeing more and more people at their free-food sessions.

Last week [Oct 2015] saw the annual Langar Week campaign held across the Midlands and then the rest of the country, where volunteers helped raise awareness of the Sikh tradition of helping to feed those struggling because of food poverty.

The Midland Langar Sewa Society have also reached crisis zones like Nepal in the aftermath of the earthquake in April and the Calais refugee camp.

“Langar is a big part of the Sikh faith. However, it is not something that we do just for the sake of it. A huge part of langar is to provide means for food to those that need it. Langar Week is about letting people know that this is available to them, regardless of faith, gender, ethnicity or status.”

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